The Till

The Super Simple Point of Sale Interface


The Till is a super simple Point of Sale interface for Shopify. It allows store owners to enter and lookup orders in the easiest and simplest way possible.

For simplicity and sanity, at this time, The Till does not run as a hosted web application. The Till must either be installed as a Chrome application or an iOS/Android application. The reason for this is that Shopify issues store owner access tokens that never expire. This means that all tokens must be strictly protected and greatly complicates calls to Shopify

In addition, because Shopify does not support CORS, API requests cannot be made from a purely client side web application unless it's proxied by a server component. is embedded inside of Shopify, or runs inside a container that will not require Same Origin Policy validation.

It does not allow entering or processing of credit cards at this time.

How do I...?

At the moment, you don't. The Till is in early development and not yet available for...anyone, including me, really.


The Till has not undergone any kind of security review. It will likely immediately transfer all of your personal information, including medical records, school records, video footage from your webcam, video footage from all webcams you appraoch, and other things to precisely those whom you'd least enjoy seeing it.

You've been warned.